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Premium Dedicated Hosting Services

The Virtual and Dedicated Server Revolution.

Singapore IT Service Provider

From security solutions to the design and planning of your network infrastructure,

ANZEEQ is committed in providing a complete suite of solutions for your business.

Business IT Support

“Super Fast Responses”

When problem arises, our engineers will be able offer immediate assistance via Remote Desktop Support. Most of the issues can be solved remotely with a turn-a-round time of less than 30 minutes. For more complicated issues, our engineers can typically reach your office within 2-hours and resolve the problem on the same day.

360 Maintenance

“Optimal everytime”

Instead of waiting for problems to occur, we simply prevent them from happening in the first place. Our preventive maintenance and continuous-monitoring support model is proven to eliminate potential hardware/software issues before they deteriorate and cause downtime, saving your business both time and money.

Single PoA


Dedicated IT Consultant assigned to your company provides a single point of accountability. You no longer need to deal with multiple parties as we provide vendor management. We’ll deal with your internet service provider, telephone system vendor, mobile communications provider, servers/workstations warranty provider etc – you only need to deal with us.

Hassel Free

“Customer Engagement”

When you hire us you’ll be getting a fully functionalIT department without all the hassle of setting up one yourself. No on-going management supervision needed, no need to worry about us going on vacation or quitting the job either. It only takes us less than 3 days to begin servicing your esteem organization, yet we still cost less than running your own IT department.